Give hope for Christmas

In 2018 we’ve started the ‘OTC’s Social Engagement Program’. Our yearly goal is to provide an unforgettable Christmas Party for less fortunate children. This year we’ve approached our organic citrus partner SOGA Organic. As part of their social investment program, SOGA partners with a community project called Langbos Crèche ( The goal was simple: to put smiles on these children’s faces for at least one day this year!

To get started
The staff went all out to spoil the children with gifts, drinks and food. The balance of the funds will be used to buy stationery, school bags and other requirements in the new year.

Christmas Day
At the 27th of November it was Christmas Day! SOGA Organic sponsored T-shirts for the kids and SOGA Rockets for all the children and the community members that attended. And what a fun day it was!

The story of Langbos
But behind the pleasure of this day, a lot of suffering is hidden behind these apparently happy faces. This little school of Langbos is located in Addo, South Africa and is an integral part of the Langbos‘ community. They live in dire poverty, in shacks without lights and water. Many are HIV positive, and alcoholism and child abuse are wide spread problems.

Muffy Miller
As a citrus growing area, Addo has only seasonal work and 70% of the community is unemployed between December and March. All these factors contribute to the high incidence of dysfunctional families and rampant suffering. In 1994 after seeing children scavenging alongside pigs and dogs on an illegal rubbish dump and in light of Muffy Miller’s growing concerns about the educational needs, health issues and crime she decided to act.

With the help of the Sundays River Woman’s Institute, churches and international guests a humble little playschool called Inkwenkwezi (which means star in Xhosa) was built. Nearly 50 children attend the crèche per day, and they are thriving and so much healthier now that they have something to eat. In November our Managing Director Edward Out and Purchase Manager Cornelis Ernst visited Langbos. After seeing this project with their own eyes, it made such an impact. We’ve embraced this wonderful project in our heart.


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