Naturland certification achieved

We are proud to announce that our organic limes from Colombia are now Naturland certified! More and more consumers are demanding organic fruits and vegetables, produced under the rules of associations for organic agriculture, like the major international German Association Naturland. One aspect of this trend is that consumers, especially in Germany, consider social aspects important when buying organic fruit and vegetables. Qualifying for the new Naturland certification will open up better sales opportunities for the producers and for us.

This USP enforces the organic integrity of our limes and how serious we take the “Social Responsibility”. Starting with farm workers and growers that are often the most fragile link on the production and commercialization chain. One more time our limes from Colombia shows a model where fairness and empowerment of fragile communities is possible. At OTC Organics we strongly believe in a win/win business model with long term relationships with our growers and with our organic limes from Colombia we proof this is possible.

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