Proud member of COLEACP

Supporting development of sustainable agriculture

Recently OTC Organics became a member of The Europe-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Liaison Committee (COLEACP). A civil society organization (CSO), established in 1973 by stakeholders in the international fruit and vegetable trade. COLEACP is a not-for-profit inter-professional association whose main purpose is to support the development of a sustainable and competitive agriculture and agribusiness. Because of our close ties with these countries and in particular Africa, we fully support these developments and we are very proud we became a member of COLEACP. It is our objective to actively contribute to the sustainable horticultural trade between ACP-countries and the European Union.

Training and technical assistance

From an operational standpoint, COLEACP is a network and a technical assistance tool for the sustainable and inclusive development of the private sector (SMEs) based on expertise and an active training system in 50 countries (outside the EU). Since its creation, COLEACP has been managing development projects in the ACP agricultural and food sector, financed by donors (mainly the European Union).


COLEACP is also regularly consulted by public and private stakeholders to support them with crisis management (food safety and plant protection). Its positioning as an organization permanently liaising between the different stakeholders in the agricultural sectors facilitates this type of action.

Fit for Market

Many of our growers, especially in Africa, are members of the COLEACP and have joined the The Fit For Market (FFM) programme. The overall goal is to reduce poverty, improve food security and food safety, and secure sustainable and inclusive growth by strengthening the agri-food export sector in the ACP countries. The specific objective is to allow smallholder farmers, producer groups, farmer organizations, and small and medium enterprises, to access international and domestic fruit and vegetable markets by complying with the SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary) standards and market requirements, in a sustainable framework.

Farming with future, that’s where we stand for!


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