17 jul
OTC Organics is the first to offer organic passioncuja from Ghana

“The best product characteristics of passion fruit and maracuja”

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24 may
OTC Organics B.V. zieht um!

Mit nicht wenig Stolz möchten wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir am Montag, 28. Mai 2018, zu unserer neuen Geschäftsstelle in der Eskimolaan 11 in Dronten umziehen.

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11 apr
Burkinese organic mango season starts with new processing facility

Recently the Burkinese family business Sanlé Sechage opened its doors of a new mango processing facility.

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29 mar
OTC develops organic Colombian pumpkin project

Besides orange pumpkins from Argentina, Israel and South Africa, we expanded our assortment with organic pumpkins from Colombia. And that’s a significant achievement for OTC!

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01 mar
OTC-Holland member of NABC

OTC has recently joined the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC). By becoming a member OTC endorses the latter’s believe that the Dutch private sector has a prominent role to play in the sustainable development of the African continent.

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07 feb
Proud member of SIFAV

In 2017 OTC signed the covenant ‘Sustainability Initiative Fruits and Vegetables (SIFAV) 2020’. The purpose of the covenant is to have the import of fresh fruits and vegetables from Central and South America, Africa and Asia by the private partners in the agreement 100% sustainably sourced by 2020.

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