Can we help?

Are you looking for a complete range of fresh organic fruit and vegetables? Custom selected for you and – if desired – packed in environmentally friendly packaging? Then look no further. As a supplier of organic produce to customers across Europe, North America and the Middle East, we are keen to assist you. Fast and flexible, sustainable and reliable, and always transparent!

Complete range
Our growers supply a complete range of fresh organic fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis. The produce comes from our own region, from other European countries, and from the rest of the world. Thanks to this extensive professional network, we are able to guarantee you a constant supply of the highest-quality produce. In other words: whatever you can order from us, we’ll deliver. For us it’s the most natural thing in the world; for you, it’s simply one less worry.


• Short lines of communication;
service; continuity
• In accordance with your quality requirements and product specifications
• Tasty produce, guaranteed organic
• Short lines of communication with you as a client and with our growers, both remotely and on-site
• Customised solutions
• Daily deliveries
• Fast and flexible

Where do our products come from?

Organic experts with a conscience!

Quality and food safety

We guarantee that the organic produce we sell really is organic. That means that we only work with organic-certified growers. Our quality department maintains a direct connection with these growers 24/7, and naturally the same goes for you as a client. This ensures short lines of communication and enables us to respond quickly. In our quality department, issues like organic integrity, food safety, and environmental and people-friendliness are of paramount importance. And naturally we never lose our focus on product quality, presentation, freshness, flavour, and shelf life.

We have all the necessary certification for our import, export, storage, distribution and packaging activities. And did you know that we also package produce in environmentally-friendly packaging? We have specialised in this area due to increasing consumer demand. We enjoy making things easy for you!

Storage & logistics
Our products are stored in Poeldijk (the Netherlands) in a modern organic- and IFS-certified warehouse equipped with drying units and underfloor heating. The warehouse has 21 cold stores (-/-2° to +20°) with a total of 3,000 pallet positions. From this central location (close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp) we are able to distribute worldwide on a daily basis. We work with specialised transport companies to ensure fast and efficient delivery of your order.

Our buyers
We deliver our organic produce to clients including:
• (organic) supermarkets
• health food stores
• wholesalers
• food service companies
• fruit and vegetable subscription companies

Customised packaging

In our certified packing station, we can package our organic products for you according to your specifications. For example:

  • private labelling, neutral labelling or our house label MmmBIO®
  • innovative packaging solutions
  • biobased / biodegradable packaging
  • according to your specifications

Are you looking for a specific product and/or special packaging? Our sales team will be happy to help you. We deliver customised solutions!