First tropical organic oranges from Colombia

OTC Organics has been working continuously with local Colombian growers for two years on a row in developing organic Valencia Late Frost oranges. The project had a long run-up, since we imported the first few kilos in the summer of 2021 in order to test eating quality, brix content, color, storability and other important variables. Based on the first encouraging results we imported the first container tropical oranges. Detailed analysis has been conducted to further improve overall quality of the Colombian oranges which led to the adjustment of some variables at the farms and packing facilities. Now we are confident and proud at the same time to bring tropical oranges from good quality and stable shelf life to the European market.

Producing and delivering tropical organic oranges for the EU market 
The farm with 35 hectares of organic oranges is located in Antioquia department, on a altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The past three years these juicy tropical oranges have been sold to the local market. The soil is rich and deep, and the local climate conditions allow to grow fruit with a good balance between brix and acid. The juice percentage reaches 54% at the moment of harvesting. The biggest challenge is the skin color of the fruit, since normally tropical oranges remain greenish when they are ready for consumption. OTC Organics has, together with the grower, developed a harvest, packing and transport protocol that induces the natural de-greening of the fruit. It arrives with an attractive yellow color to our customers.

Thanks to the very short transit period between the Colombian ports and Rotterdam Port the oranges will be at the OTC warehouse only 17 days after harvesting.

Production period
We have an arrival window between June and September. We expect the first containers by the end of this week!


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