Incoming from Peru: Organic pomegranates!

We decided to add another delicious organic product to our various product range: organic pomegranates! This extremely healthy fruit, loaded with vitamins and minerals, belongs to the so-called “superfoods”.

Alexander Restrepo, Product Development Manager at OTC Organics: “We are proud that we have entered into partnership with the well-known organic grower Ruben Barrera and our strategic partner Empresa AEI. Together they have a joint venture in Peru where the pomegranate trees are grown with the greatest care specially for OTC Organics.”

Ruben Barrera has two organic farms – Fundo Mi Leslie and Fundo Alinat – near Casma, a city north of Peru, where he grows mangoes, avocados and pomegranates. At his farm Fundo Alinat, the groundwater contains a higher salt content, which is very suitable for the cultivation of pomegranates.

“The farm is BIO, GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP certified. In close cooperation with our Product Development Team our grower is working hard to obtain BIO SUISSE and SPRING certification in the future. We have been pushing to obtain the SPRING certificate as we aim to push for better water management in our own projects. Ruben has many years of experience in organic cultivation, has a lot of technical knowledge and is happy to share his knowledge with other fellow growers who come to visit him sometimes. A perfect fit with the core values of OTC Organics.”, says Alexander.

The first fruit was harvested in January and has now arrived in the Netherlands. Because we are still in the start-up phase, we will receive only 8 containers with pomegranates this season scheduled to arrive between week 7 and the end of April. Our ambition is to grow towards more than 20 containers by 2024 with the cooperation of Ruben and other growers we are already working with. So please respond quickly if you want to reap the benefits of this new partnership!

Laser proof
Pomegranates are particularly suitable for laser treatment because of their thick skin. We have our own laser line where they can provide this opportunity for our customers. Various other small or large packages are also possible. Ask the OTC sales team for the possibilities.

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