Moving from Trading to Farming

Global agricultural resources are not growing and the world population is increasing. In addition to the constantly growing requirements for traceability and product safety by the European food retail trade, this is one of the reasons why we decided years ago to put our efforts in our own production, fixed contracts with our producers and sustainable partnerships with exporters.

Today we have a production network in South Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the Netherlands. Our own network enables us to control the entire supply chain from planting to the end customer according to the specifications of the organic requirements of our customers.

Being the organic expert with a conscience comes with a responsibility. For some years now we try to make a difference in the world by our unique work method. We connect growers and customers, were we believe in a social sustainable and organic production chain. But how?

  • By facilitating interaction between growers and customers we try to create a better mutual understanding.
  • By connecting everyone in the supply chain.
  • By organizing so called meet & greets between growers and customers to manage expectations and discuss possible programs, available volumes and product specifications.

OTC Organics is the active linking pin between growers and customers in this shortened supply chain. Our activities lead to an improved transfer of knowledge/information and a better understanding of each other’s challenges on both sides.

What does this working method mean for you or how can you benefit from this as a (potential) customer or grower? You can find the answer in our newest infographic.

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