New organic packing line is running at full speed

New packing line in collaboration with Euro West

During the last edition of Fruit Logistica we raised our glass with Euro West and Jasa Packaking Solutions to finalize the agreement for a new organic packing line. We are proud to state that, thanks to Jasa Packaging Solutions, this line is operational since the end of May and is already running at full speed. The reason for purchasing this line was a packaging seminar we organized together with Euro West last May. The investment in this specific organic line is an indirect consequence of this.

“Together with our strategic partner Euro West B.V. we launched a brand new organic packing line. We can use the line to pack different organic fruit and vegetables with different materials, such as netlon packaging or biodegradable material, resulting in an increase in capacity and flexibility for our customers. Because only organic products will be packed on this packing line, we are sure there is no risk of residue contamination. This is how we keep the organic chain closed, ”says Edward Out, Managing Director of OTC Organics.

For more information:

Bart van der Vliet
OTC Organics B.V.

Marco Vijverberg
Euro West

Denise Baths
Jasa Packaging Solutions

June 4th 2020


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