New corporate identity

In 2018 there were major internal changes at OTC Organics B.V., specialist in the import, export and distribution of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The company name of Organic Trade Company Holland B.V. (OTC-Holland) changed to OTC Organics B.V. and almost simultaneously we moved to our new office in Dronten, The Netherlands. As of today, we introduce a brand-new corporate identity.

Because of the growing ambitions and the associated new objectives, a new identity was a logical next step. A name change alone does not reflect what we stand for on a daily basis. A dynamic company such as OTC Organics also needs a new visual identity that increases our recognizability. We are proud to introduce our new corporate identity today. The logo symbolizes the world of OTC Organics B.V. The circle, an organic shape, can be seen as a globe, which is filled with different kinds of fruit or vegetables from our wide range.

This creates a rich palette that represents the extent of our product range. Our logo is not a fixed entity but changes, adapts and evolves depending on the environment and circumstances. Just like OTC Organics. The logo also focuses on our products: OTC Organics guarantees continuity through product knowledge and specialism. We know exactly what is needed for our suppliers and customers. Our specialism guarantees the chain.

New pay-off

Our new logo also includes a new pay-off. Colorful in our range of products and activities, respected for our quality, expertise and investments in the areas of product development. OTC Organics is an organization that is keen to innovate and take its own course, but each decision is measured against the question: is that what we are doing, good for our chain partners and customers?

In other words, we are:

“Organic experts with a conscience!”


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