OTC Organics is the first to offer organic passioncuja from Ghana

OTC Organics is always searching for new products. New (improved) tastes, shapes and colors or improved characteristics of a product. As of September we have a special novelty available: the passioncuja. A delicious fruit with a touch of sour of the yellow maracuja (the yellow sister of the passion fruit) and the slightly sweeter taste and the appearance of the passion fruit, but with a pink thin skin.

Garden of Eden

Núria Vlonk-Cunha Soares, Supply Development Manager at OTC Organics says: “We have come into contact with a Dutch grower who has been living and working in Ghana for 20 years now and has his own farm of more than 80 hectares, 70 kilometers northwest of the capital city Accra. He has graduated from Agric University Collage Larenstein in Deventer, The Netherlands, and during his studies he landed as an intern in Ghana. He enjoyed the country so much that he decided to stay. On his own farm you could imagine yourself to be in the Garden of Eden, a beautiful agroforestry plantation full of all kinds of (fruit) trees. I got to know him as an innovating grower who is constantly searching for new products and who does not back away from a challenge. We are very pleased that we have entered into a partnership.”


Exceptional project

Núria: “Our grower started in 2012 with the traditional breeding of the yellow maracuja with the purple passion fruit by manually crossing the stamen of a good variety with the pistil of another good variety. Maracuja grows well in Ghana but is difficult to sell. The purple variant is popular but grows less well. In 2017 he developed a very nice variety that will be multiplied in the coming weeks and harvested next year. From 2019 he will only grow his own variety. The passioncuja is growing on orange trees. These trees are high and sturdy enough to support the passioncuja.”

Limited volumes

This year we are starting with limited volumes, but the expectation is that we will receive more produce next year. From September 2018 the passioncuja is available at OTC Organics. Depending on climatic conditions, we expect the season to last until December. Interested customers can order a free sample box to experience the taste.

For more information:

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