AgriPlace is an independent online platform developed to enable agricultural proprietors to easily collect and manage basic certification information, and to share it with auditors, customers and other parties. These certifications are EU Bio, GlobalGAP and various ethical and retail-related certifications. The platform went live at the start of this year, and we have been involved in the organisation and implementation of the system since the beginning.

Efficient management
The platform collects and reuses data and supporting documents for the grower. This means that the following year, the grower only needs to check the answers given for the various certifications and to provide new supporting documents. This information is shared with the auditor, enabling him or her to carry out much of the work from his or her desk. The auditor then only needs to visit the business to check things over. This saves a lot of time and money for both the grower and the auditor.

Rapid links
Because we’re connected to the growers, we are able to request information our customers need at any time. The platform is currently active in the Netherlands, with pilots underway in Costa Rica and South Africa. Eventually growers around the world will be able to use the system.



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