Due to the expansion of our organic range (including for example pineapple), our own brand Mmmbio has also undergone a complete revamp. Mmmbio, with its distinctive green honeycomb-shaped logo, stands for high-quality organic products with an eye for quality, sustainability and social development. Mmmbio is completely in line with OTC’s core values of Organic Integrity, Transparency and Commitment.

In addition to expanding the packaging line, we’re also working on the website and this will launch soon.

Social projects
The idea behind Mmmbio, in addition to sales and distribution guidance and support, is to contribute to developing the local areas of growers who are in need of our assistance. This might take the form of education, water supply, improvements to the living environment, etc. In Ivory Coast we work on the ‘OTC Social Upliftment Programme’ with the growers. In exchange for our commitment, we ask our partners to develop a social project in which education plays a key role. We hope that in the future the Mmmbio label will be involved with a large number of social projects.


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