“We keep the supply chain clean with a dedicated organic packaging line”

During Fruit Logistica we had a good reason to raise the glass! Together with our packaging partner Euro West and their packaging machine supplier JASA Packaging Solutions, we have entered into a partnership for a dedicated organic packaging line that Euro West will use for packing our organic fruit and vegetables for our retail customers. The new packaging line will be operational in May.

“In May last year, we organized a packaging seminar together with OTC Organics to learn where the packaging market is going. The investment in this specific organic packaging line is an indirect result of this seminar, ” explains Marco Vijverberg, director of Euro West, who has been working with OTC Organics for almost twenty years now.

Source AGF.nl: Jasa, Euro West and Bart & Edward from OTC Organics toast to the new investment

“At the moment, the organic products are still packed on the conventional lines, but we saw that despite the efforts to clean theses lines, residue still appeared on packed fruit. We can’t afford ourselves this from happening any longer, given the strict standards that the retailers apply. That’s why we have decided to make the move to a dedicated organic packaging line together with Euro West. This is how we keep the organic chain clean.”, comments Edward Out of OTC Organics.

“The new organic packaging line will have four exits, which two of them will be used for packing in netlon packaging of biodegradable material. We are still searching how the other two outputs can be used. That flexibility is also an advantage. We can pack different fruit and vegetables with different materials.”, Marco says.

According to Marco, the choice for JASA Packaging Solutions was a simple one. “We have been working with them satisfactorily for several years now. Besides that, sustainability is given high priority at JASA. Just look at the Bag-2-Paper and the sleeve solutions that they are introducing here at the Fruit Logistica. In addition, they also have a head start in technology. We hope that this packaging line will benefit us all.”

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