Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity

Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity,” says Prof David Macdonald, at Oxford University. Keeping our biodiverse ecosystems intact is essential for the processes that support all life on earth. Besides being an essential part of the solution to climate change, it also helps us humans stay healthy.
The research team of Bac2nature links the health perspective to biodiversity. OTC Organics has a strong believe in the importance of biodiversity as one of the variables which will help stop climate change and will help to reduce natural disasters and the risk of zoonotic diseases, similar to Covid-19. This is why OTC Organics is one of the proud sponsors of the Bac2nature Foundation.
We would like to share the press release of the Maastricht University in which it is announced that The Louis Bolk Institute, the Bac2nature Foundation and Maastricht University have received a grant from the Swedish Ekhaga Foundation for a pilot study into the relationship between soil, crop and human health. In this study, for the first time the possible relationship between a vital soil, the food crop and human health will be examined.
OTC Organics is looking forward to the results of this study as it will support our believe and provide conceptual proof of the importance of organic farming and vital soils.
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