South African organic stone fruit season kicks off at OTC Organics

Available at OTC Organics week 49
In a few weeks, OTC Organics will kick off the South African organic stone fruit season with peaches, nectarcots and apricots from its regular partner Pro-Plum Orchards, part of the OrganoGroup. In week 49, OTC Organics – distributor of organic fruit and vegetables – expects the first harvest stone fruit in their warehouse in Poeldijk, The Netherlands, for further shipment to Europe. OTC Organics has the sole mandate to market the organic stone fruit of the OrganoGroup in Europe.

The region
The family business has been growing certified organic fruit for 16 years and is located in the Waterberg Mountains, near Mookghopong (Limpopo) in South Africa. The company grows about 65 ha of organic stone fruit. The region is characterized by the very early start of the season due to the favorable (high) location and is therefore an ideal area for growing stone fruit. The cold winter weather ensures good flowering and the outlook for the harvest season is very positive.

Focus on a long organic plum season
The OrganoGroup focuses on expanding its plum varieties, so that the plum season can be extended. The company grows local plum varieties such as African Rose, African Delight, Ruby Sun, Ruby Crunch and Fortune, and is even replanting late varieties such as Angeleno. Until Christmas, the range consists of peaches, nectarcots and apricots and will be supplemented with plums in week 50. Plums and nectarcots are still available after Christmas.

Sweet potatoes and Kuri squash
Organic vegetables have increasingly become a mainstay of the OrganoGroup’s portfolio, predominantly marketed in Europe by OTC Organics. The organic sweet potato export season runs from February to August. Kuri squash shipments starts in December until February.

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