South African organic sweet potatoes

For the first time available at OTC Organics!

The sweet potato market is growing rapidly. At the request of Pro-Plum Orchards (producer of among others organic apples and stone fruit) we conducted a market research on organic sweet potatoes. We concluded that the demand was high and due to our successful partnership with Pro-Plum we decided to exclusively work together on this project. Pro-Plum chose to cultivate the Beauregard variety: a very popular sweet potato which is favored for its taste and deep-orange flesh that keeps well in storage. Never before we had South African sweet potatoes in our assortment!

Pro-Plum Orchards

Located in the pollution free Waterberg area in the Limpopo province of South Africa lies Pro-Plum Orchards, a proud producer of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Pro-Plum has been certified organic for more than 15 years, and Global GAP certified for longer. The farm has been passed on generation to generation and is currently managed by the 4th generation of the Roos family since the establishment of the farm. Pro-Plum Orchards form an integral part of OrganoGroup, a group of companies dedicated to produce organic products grown in a sustainable manner. OrganoGroup is focussed on making certified organic products available both locally in South Africa, but also to the export market.

Long-term and stable cooperation

Paul Roos Jr, Key Account Manager at Pro-Plum says: “Pro-Plum and OTC Organics has been working together on certified organic plums and other stone fruit for more than 9 years. This year we will supply OTC Organics with certified organic sweet potatoes, the first sweet potato season with OTC Organics of many to come. In past years Pro-Plum did produce and export sweet potatoes for the conventional market but decided to convert the entire business to certified organic- including sweet potatoes. For us, it is about the organic mindset and ensuring safe produce to clients- having full focus on building sustainable supply of certified organic products.”

Cornelis Ernst, Purchase Manager at OTC Organics says: “The organic sweet potatoes from Pro-Plum are exclusively distributed by OTC Organics, and that is a real honor. We complement each other’s strengths in the market and we are very proud to work with these professional producers. This year we are starting with limited volumes, but the expectation is that we will receive more production next year.

Product details:

  • Product: Sweet potatoes (Beauregard)
  • Country of origin: South Africa
  • Taste: Sweet and slightly aromatic flavour
  • Entries: Week 29-30-31
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL
  • Weight: 6 kg per box (180 x 6 kg) (size S, M, L and XL) / 10 kg per box (110 x 10 kg) (size XXL)
  • Certification: EU-Organic / GLOBALG.A.P. / SIZA

For more information on organic sweet potatoes please contact our sales team: / T +31 (0) 885 880 400



South African organic sweet potatoes

For the first time available at OTC Organics! Read article

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