MmmBIO®: High-quality, sustainable & socially conscious

Our own brand MmmBIO® stands for high-quality organic products with a focus on quality, sustainability and social development. MmmBIO® is 100% aligned with OTC’s core values of organic integrity, transparency, commitment and passion. From cultivation to packaging, everything is done with the greatest of care and strictly in accordance with the legal guidelines set down for organic produce.

Customised packaging

We are able to package our organic products according to your exact specifications in our certified packing station. For example:

  • private labelling, neutral labelling, or our house label MmmBIO®
  • innovative packaging solutions
  • biobased / biodegradable packaging
  • according to your specifications

For more information, please contact our sales team. We’re always happy to help you!


Social projects

With MmmBIO® we provide guidance and support to growers who can use our assistance with the sale and distribution of their organic produce. But did you know that we also contribute to developing our growers’ local surroundings? For example, we assist in areas including education, water supply, and im-proving their localities. We hope that MmmBIO® will be involved with many more social projects in the future!