Reliable business partner

As a grower or distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, your top choice is naturally a reliable business partner with a comprehensive knowledge of the sector. With OTC Organics you know you’ve come to the right place. From varieties to storage, and from legislation to certification: we support you through the sale and distribution of your produce from start to finish. Could you use our help? We’re always on the lookout for organic growers and suppliers all over the world and would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

A personal approach
We believe that it’s important to be there when you need us, whether remotely or on-site. That’s why we always go the extra mile to help, although we’re also realistic about the potential markets for your produce. We keep you updated on quality, sales, and market conditions. In the meantime we proactively approach the market in order to find suitable buyers for every type and grade of produce.


• Optimum marketing mix
• Risk-spreading
• Long-term partnerships
• Technical support
• Financing
• Transparent working methods
• Realistic objectives
and price expectations
• Continuity

Where do our products come from?

Organic experts with a conscience!

Organic specialist

Organic farming is our number one priority. We share our passion for this profession – and our concern for people, animals and nature – with our growers and clients. Our extensive network and expertise mean that we know everything there is to know about organic cultivation, products and markets. And we’re keen to share this knowledge with you! We advise on choosing varieties, storage, and protocols, we assist with obtaining the correct certification and maintaining high quality standards, and we’re always on top of the latest developments in legislation and regulations.

Growing together

OTC Organics B.V. specializes purely in organic fruit and vegetables. We’re not satisfied with anything less than optimum results, and aim to establish long-term partnerships with growers and suppliers. This means that we’re constantly working to achieve the perfect balance between your product range and our buyers’ requirements. You focus on perfect production, and we’ll do the rest. Growing together!

Making the switch

Are you interested in making the move to organic farming? Or are you already in the middle of transitioning from conventional to organic farming? This is also something we can help with. Our purchasing and quality team can inform and advise you about working towards – or transitioning to – organic cultivation, the ideal product choice, and the market. And thanks to our extensive knowledge network, we can quickly put you in touch with the right organic specialists and sales channels.

European organic certification

The cultivation, distribution, export and sale of organic products is regulated by the European Commission on Organic Farming. The legal requirements for organic farming are set down in Regulation (EU) No. 2018/848. These regulations give the minimum requirements for organic cultivation. Would you like more information about organic certification, or are you considering making the move to organic farming? We’re happy to help you on your way.

Project and product development

At OTC Organics we have a strong focus on project and product development, particularly in Latin America and West Africa. With these new projects we hope to connect our clients with new suppliers and products, enabling us to be even more responsive to market demand.

Our product development team, which develops these growers’ projects, has roots in these countries. They make several trips to rural areas each year, informing local conventional growers about the possibilities that organic farming has to offer and raising their interest. We provide intensive support to those growers that take up the challenge, maximising their chances of success.