Give hope for Christmas

In 2018 OTC Organics started the Social Engagement Program. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable Christmas party for the less fortunate children every year. This year we’ve selected a project in the Dominican Republic, which the OTC team frequently visited because of organic citrus before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Poverty in paradise
As we talk about the Dominican Republic the first image that comes to mind are the pristine white beaches and turquoise waters. But beyond that the country struggles with a high rate of poverty, more now that its major income, tourism is on standby. During our normal activities like visiting farms we could see that most of the farmworkers are immigrants from Haiti. Probably the most fragile and poorest population within the country’s society. But avoiding political loaded issues and focusing on giving a good memory and putting a smile to the children with less opportunities, we decided that the 2020’s Social Engagement Program activity will be in this beautiful country.

That motivated us to organize an unforgettable day for 60 children from a “Batey” (local saying for an slump neighborhood) close to Santiago de Los Caballeros in the Cibao area. The most relevant agricultural region in the country. We made no distinction of nationalities or creed. We just went down to La Batea and ask around if there were kids who want to attend a Christmas party. At the beginning parents thought it was a joke but finally trusted us and made a commission group of adults to discuss and take care of the details of the event.

On the 5th of December the kids started the party with transport to the location. There was food, entertainment and gifts for everyone. They even enjoyed watching a drone that flew around to spice up the party. The biggest gift of all was to see how happy these kids were, said our local supplier that helped organizing everything on behalf of OTC Organics. For many of these kids it was their first Christmas party ever or even their first Christmas present at all. At OTC Organics we feel so lucky to have been part of this wonderful day for the kids!

Merry Christmas!



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