Give hope for Christmas

In 2018 OTC Organics started the ‘Kids Christmas Program’. Our goal is to organize an unforgettable Christmas party every year, for the less fortunate children.

After having organized Christmas parties in Colombia, South Africa and the Dominican Republic, this year we’ve selected a farm located in Casma in the coastal area of Peru, 350 km north of Lima. We are partner in a joint venture organic avocado farm in Peru where revenues are fairly divided throughout the entire supply chain. This cooperation already begins with the pre-financing of the harvest, minimum prices are fixed, which guarantee a sustainable income for the producer. A beautiful project where we aim to build up a long term relationship with delicious organic avocados as a result.

Spreading joy and laughter
Thanks to the support of our local partner, who’ve decorated the farm, bought gifts & food and organized everything onsite, we were able to create a magical Christmas for the sons and daughters of the farm workers. On the 4th of December it was Christmas Day! There was food, entertainment and gifts for everyone. Even Santa Claus stopped by for a visit! The children were so happy and they really enjoyed this day. At OTC Organics we feel so lucky to have been part of this wonderful day for the kids!

We wish you and your beloved ones Happy Holidays. Cheers for a better world, with bigger awareness about sustainability, more social fairness and equal opportunities for all and most important, we wish you a healthy new year!

Your OTC Organics team


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