OTC Organics and Sanlé Sechage in synchrony

We would like to introduce you to our organic mango supplier from Burkina Faso: Sanlé Sechage. OTC Organics has been working together with the company since 2013. The family owned company, which is headed by its founder Yaya Koné, is located in the Burkinabe mango growing area of Banfora. The young and professional management team is highly qualified and very dedicated to guarantee the production and quality of their mangoes.

To foster the socio-economic development in the region, the company employs 228 persons living in the vicinity, of which 90% are women and young men. Sanlé is making a great difference in the community of Banfora.

The mangoes in Burkina Faso are growing well, thanks to the hard work of all growers and the team members involved. They have started harvesting and the mangoes already arrived in our state-of-the-art warehouse in Poeldijk, The Netherlands. During the whole season the mangoes will be loaded on a faster vessel in order to guarantee to our customers better delivery reliability and shelf life.


Supply development

Supply development is one of the focus areas of OTC Organics. In 2016, OTC applied for and won together with Sanlé its first Public Private Partnership, a collaboration between a government agency and a private-sector company. Partly with the support of the German governmental agency Deutsche Investitions- und Entwiklungsgesellschaft (DEG), we have set up a project together with Sanlé focusing on improving the mango value chain.

New mango processing facility

A new mango processing facility has been recently built, with a sorting line to properly pack the mangoes and a cooling chamber to keep them fresh at all times. This facility creates a unique setting with drying, cooling and sorting of both fresh and dried mangoes under one roof. This expansion has resulted in 60 new jobs. The fresh harvested mangoes are immediately packed and cooled on the same day, and this contributes to the quality and maximum freshness!


Organic farming is the basis of our business. Therefore we aim to contribute to the development of the mango growers. This include actions such as site visits, supplier recognition, and support when/where necessary through knowledge transfer. Sanlé works only with fixed partners, with many already for more than 15 years. This commitment resulted in the certification of the growers to guarantee that that only organic mangoes are being grown under the best agricultural practices. Sanlé’s engagement does not stop here. By the end of 2019 it aims to increase the number of certified organic growers and guarantee a minimum price for all growers.

Social responsibility

In 2018 we started the ‘OTC Social Engagement Program’, which means that we also are involved in the social development of our growers. In collaboration with Sanlé we are organizing among other things:

  • A party to celebrate the beginning of the season for all employees.
  • Daycare center for the children of employees younger than 2 years (assuming 2 kindergarten teachers in March and April).
  • Once in 2 weeks temporary canteen for all employees.
  • A party to celebrate the end of the 2019 season for all employees.

With this program we show that inclusive business is possible!


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