South African organic stone fruit season kicks off at OTC Organics

Vanaf week 49 bij OTC Organics verkrijgbaar!

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OTC Organics alert to Covid threat

Since overcoming the initial logistical issues caused by Covid-19, OTC Organics has kept in daily contact with its growers and suppliers

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Naturland certification achieved

We are proud to announce that our organic limes from Colombia are now Naturland certified!

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Organic South African easy peeler variety Nova on its way to the Netherlands

In a few weeks, OTC Organics will start the soft citrus season with the easy peeler variety Nova from its grower SOGA Organic from South Africa.

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New organic packing line is running at full speed

Only organic products are packed on our new packing line. This way we are sure that there is no risk of residue contamination.

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«We keep the supply chain clean with a dedicated organic packaging line»

Together with Euro West and JASA Packaging Solutions we have entered into a partnership for a dedicated organic packaging line

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New table-grape packaging consists of paper instead of plastic

One of the most contentious issues confronting the fresh produce sectors at the moment is unquestionably the issue of plastic packaging on fruit and vegetables.

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South African organic grape imports start sustainably

OTC Organics sells organic grapes in sustainable cardboard

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Forward thinking at OTC

Group has been preparing for the future, investing in personnel, a new ERP system and holding discussions on packaging

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