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Thank you Edward Out!

Organic pioneer Edward Out has left OTC Organics after 22,5 years. Last Thursday evening OTC Organics staff gathered for a farewell dinner at Bar & Restaurant At Sea in Dronten. An emotional evening with a smile and a tear for us all. We enjoyed the speeches and memories common to us all. It’s hard for us

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Update about the upcoming organic citrus season

With the organic citrus season about to start, we would like to inform you about the availability at OTC Organics. Organic lemonsCurrently, we are experiencing an abundance of Spanish lemons. We want to offer our customers a wider range of choices and we look forward to expanding our range to include lemons from other parts

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Exciting news at FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin!

OTC Organics is redefining organic with the launch of Dole Organics, a new product category and our new brand GO Organic! OTC Organics – Your local, global, organic produce specialist As Dole’s established organic specialist unit in Europe, OTC Organics operates within the Dole Organics division, acting as an important focal point through which the wider strengths,

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Spread joy and happiness

In 2018, OTC Organics initiated the ‘Kids Christmas Program’ with the main goal of hosting an annual Christmas Party for the children of one of our organic growers. This year, we turned our focus towards one of our esteemed partners: Riziki Fresh, located in Kenya. Riziki Fresh supports Kenyan growers in the entire process: from cultivation to

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Global collaboration for year-round excellent avocados

Through Organics Direct (see previous post), we have established partnerships with experienced growers in Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality avocados year-round. This direct approach allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, ensuring that every avocado that reaches our customers meets the highest organic and taste standards. Importance

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Organics Direct – Your direct connection to the field

Organics Direct is an initiative founded to support organic producers. It operates as a company with OTC Organics, the producers, and the packing station as its shareholders. OTC Organics is holding the majority of shares and gradually distributing them to new producers. Organics Direct facilitates direct market access in Europe and offers producers comprehensive support throughout

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Year-round delights: organic bananas for every season

Our organic bananas come from a variety of exquisite origins, including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. These regions are known for their tropical climates and rich biodiversity, creating the perfect conditions for growing premium organic bananas.  The art of ripeningFor the best taste and texture, our organic bananas are picked at just the right

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