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Global collaboration for year-round excellent avocados

Through Organics Direct (see previous post), we have established partnerships with experienced growers in Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality avocados year-round. This direct approach allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, ensuring that every avocado that reaches our customers meets the highest organic and taste standards. Importance

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Organics Direct – Your direct connection to the field

Organics Direct is an initiative founded to support organic producers. It operates as a company with OTC Organics, the producers, and the packing station as its shareholders. OTC Organics is holding the majority of shares and gradually distributing them to new producers. Organics Direct facilitates direct market access in Europe and offers producers comprehensive support throughout

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Year-round delights: organic bananas for every season

Our organic bananas come from a variety of exquisite origins, including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. These regions are known for their tropical climates and rich biodiversity, creating the perfect conditions for growing premium organic bananas.  The art of ripeningFor the best taste and texture, our organic bananas are picked at just the right

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Meet & Greet at Fruit Attraction

We’re pleased to announce that OTC Organics will be attending Fruit Attraction in Madrid once again next week. While we may not have our own booth, you can find our colleagues at the booth of our partners Dole / Grupo Eurobanan in Hall 10, Stand C-01. We’d like to connect with you in person! To

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Joining forces with industry associations

At OTC Organics we believe that we are stronger together. Did you know that we are also members of several knowledge associations and lobby groups within our branch? Let us introduce them to you: OPTA Europe is the voice of leading organic processing and trade companies in Europe. They promote the ideas, innovations and policies

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Our activities have expanded to include daily trading

We have lined up a specialized team focused on trading of organic fruits and vegetables on a daily base. The expansion of our activities allows us to provide a broader market and meet the diverse needs of our customers. Usually we make fixed programs with our customers. We have now taken a step further to

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Climate phenomenon El Niño is back

The expected El Niño has emerged early June, according to scientists at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service. El Niño is a natural climate phenomenon marked by warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator, which occurs on average every 2-7 years. El Niño’s impacts on

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