Update about the upcoming organic citrus season

Update about the upcoming organic citrus season

With the organic citrus season about to start, we would like to inform you about the availability at OTC Organics.

Organic lemons
Currently, we are experiencing an abundance of Spanish lemons. We want to offer our customers a wider range of choices and we look forward to expanding our range to include lemons from other parts of the world. From week 20/21 to week 44, organic lemons will be available from Peru, Argentina, South Africa and the Dominican Republic. We are ready to run various programs and invite you to let us know if you are interested. The quality is excellent and all necessary certificates are available.

Organic grapefruit
We expect grapefruit availability for a period of approx. 5 weeks, starting from week 25, but this could potentially be extended up to 15 weeks. While we cannot guarantee this prolongation yet, we would like to keep you updated on our efforts to make this happen. All sizes of grapefruits will be available.

Organic oranges
This year, there is an increase in the availability of organic oranges at OTC Organics, despite a decreasing supply to Europe. By working closely with our strategic growers, we can guarantee a stable supply starting from week 25. Last year, we successfully conducted tests on the EU-introduced cold treatment to protect against the false codling moth, giving our grower confidence to export a significant quantity of oranges this year. We are ready to continue these efforts and finalize programs for the upcoming harvest.

Are you interested in our organic citrus offerings or want to set up a regular program? Please do not hesitate to contact our Account Managers at sales@otcorganics.com.

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