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25 oct
Place in the finals ‘GLOBALG.A.P. Awards 2018’

One of the projects we are very proud of is the ‘Aspromayo Organic Tahiti Lime Exports project’. This beautiful project  supervised by Alexander Restrepo has achieved a place in final of the "GLOBALG.A.P. Awards 2018 "!

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20 sep
OTC Organics participating Fruit Attraction in Madrid

This year OTC Organics B.V. will be joining the Fruit Attraction for the second time which takes place from 23 to 25 October in Madrid.

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17 jul

“Les meilleures propriétés du maracuja et du fruit de la passion”

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24 may
OTC Organics B.V. déménage !

Avec une certaine fierté, nous vous informons qu'à compter du lundi 28 mai 2018, nous nous installerons dans nos nouveaux bureaux situés Eskimolaan 11 à Dronten.

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11 apr
Burkinese organic mango season starts with new processing facility

Recently the Burkinese family business Sanlé Sechage opened its doors of a new mango processing facility.

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01 mar
OTC-Holland member of NABC

OTC has recently joined the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC). By becoming a member OTC endorses the latter’s believe that the Dutch private sector has a prominent role to play in the sustainable development of the African continent.

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