Organics Direct – Your direct connection to the field

Organics Direct – Your direct connection to the field

Organics Direct is an initiative founded to support organic producers. It operates as a company with OTC Organics, the producers, and the packing station as its shareholders. OTC Organics is holding the majority of shares and gradually distributing them to new producers.

Organics Direct facilitates direct market access in Europe and offers producers comprehensive support throughout the entire supply chain, from planting to auditing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping. This support encompasses both expertise and financial assistance. The organization takes responsibility for preserving the organic integrity of products at their source and also covers all investments required for social compliance. In essence, Organics Direct serves as the direct connection to the production process at its origin.

Through Organics Direct, we have initiated multiple organic projects in various countries. From South America to Europe and beyond, our commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture knows no bounds.

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