Global collaboration for year-round excellent avocados

Global collaboration for year-round excellent avocados

Through Organics Direct (see previous post), we have established partnerships with experienced growers in Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality avocados year-round. This direct approach allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, ensuring that every avocado that reaches our customers meets the highest organic and taste standards.

Importance of collaboration

The Organics Direct concept remains at the forefront of our business strategy, emphasizing sustainability and organic sourcing. However, we recognize the importance of collaboration and expanding our reach. To that end, we continue to work closely with partners in regions where Organics Direct is not (yet) active. To cover any shortages in avocado supply, we also source avocados from various regions including Kenya, Tanzania and Mexico. This enables us to maintain a steady flow of avocados. By diversifying our supply chain, we can provide high quality avocados to our customers, even in times of high demand or unforeseen interruptions.

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