What exactly do wo do?

For suppliers

We support growers and suppliers all over the world in the sale and distribution of organic fruit and vegetables. We take care of the total process, from cropping plan to sales. Read more

For buyers

We supply buyers in Europe, North America and the Middle East with fresh organic fruit and vegetables. We provide a total package including certification, quality control, storage, packaging and distribution. Read more

Organic produce

Our fruit and vegetables are 100% organic and meet every certification requirement. We provide a varied supply of organic produce, all year round. Read more

Why OTC Organics?

At OTC Organics B.V., we believe in healthy, sustainable, honest and fresh fruit and vegetables! We support our organic growers and their social and sustainable non-genetically modified, chemical-free growing methods. We believe it is important to be part of a social and sustainable production chain that results in honest and fresh organic produce. Organic farming protects and preserves the environment, nature and the countryside, as well as human and animal health and well-being. Sustainable growth – that is what we believe in.

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Our core values are anchored in our organisation, our work and what drives us as a company. We search for a sustainable balance in the supply chain and respect our growers/suppliers, buyers, partners and employees.


• Specialised in organic fruit
and vegetables since 2001
• Wide range of fresh produce
• Import and distribution
• Long-term partnerships
• Close grower-buyer relationships
• Professional quality management
• High market share
• Global organic network
• Customised solutions
• Organic integrity


South African organic sweet potatoes

For the first time available at OTC Organics! Read article

Proud member of COLEACP

Recently OTC Organics became a member of The Europe-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Liaison Committee (COLEACP). A civil society organization (CSO), established in 1973 by stakeholders in the international fruit and vegetable trade. Read article

OTC Organics and Sanlé Sechage in synchrony

We would like to introduce you to our organic mango supplier from Burkina Faso: Sanlé Sechage. Read article