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Why choose OTC Organics?

We grow and supply sustainable, high-quality organic fruit and vegetables, with a clear conscience and in close and committed cooperation with our professional organic growers.

Sounds good?

It’s not quite as easy as you may think. Organic distribution requires a great deal of know-how. Organic products must comply with a large number of conditions and that is, of course, a good thing. Before a container of organic fruit or vegetables begins its journey to Europe, all of the supply-chain partners have been consulted and are in agreement. A container of lemons would never be shipped to us at random!

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Each to their trade, each to their talents

Our area of expertise is the organic market

Organic integrity

We believe that everyone flourishes through fruitful cooperation

Shifting crates around to make a fast buck is not what matters to us. What does matter to us is proactive involvement. We literally stand beside our growers with our feet in the clay, in an orchard or a greenhouse. This means that we can help them make changes if they need to and that we are absolutely certain that properly grown and certified products reach the European market.

We have short lines of communication, we have good knowledge of the relevant rules and regulations and we are always available when you need us. We help growers make the move to organic farming and become socially-involved, organic growers who work sustainably and are economically independent and self-sufficient. And we help our buyers by making sure that their wishes are carried out and respected on site, no matter where the products are produced. You are happy. They are happy. We are happy.

For Growers

As a grower, you want to be treated respectfully and receive a fair price for your products.

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For Customers

As a retailer, you want to be certain that the products you buy are available and of good quality. Whatever side you stand on, we are here to offer you these guarantees.

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The latest news

25 Sep 2023

Meet & Greet at Fruit Attraction

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17 Aug 2023

Joining forces with industry associations

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1 Aug 2023

Our activities have expanded to include daily trading

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