Strategic partners

Many countries, one approach

The strong relationship with our strategic partners enables us to really make a difference in the organic market. Everyone practises their trade, everyone uses their talents, our expertise is the organic market. We believe that everyone flourishes through fruitful cooperation. We would like to introduce our partners to you.

WeGrowOrganic was founded by two farmers from Zeewolde, Thijs Geerse en Wouter Snippe. Since 2001, they have been growing a wide range of wonderful organic produce with great enthusiasm. This produce absorbs extremely high levels of nutrients from the rich polder soil where it is grown. Thijs and Wouter transport their products to the consumer as carefully and as quickly as possible and keep the ‘field to fork’ chain as short as possible. They sort, process, pack and sell their products directly from their own farm through a wide European network of buyers. To meet a growing market demand for eco-friendly packaging, they have recently added laser marking to their packaging range.

Specialists in: Onions, red beets, carrots, potatoes, garlic, parsnips, celeriac, parsley root, shallots and pumpkins

In 2005, four South-African growers decided to work together – each in their own company – to produce tropical citrus fruits. They have grown into a professional cooperation which produces, examines, sells, packs and exports citrus fruits to customers in Canada and Europe. SOGA, the ‘Sundays Growers Association’ is based in the fertile Sundays River valley. This partner does not just focus on the big picture, it also cares about good of the local community and sells citrus fruit at the local market.

Specialists in: oranges, lemons, grapefruit and easy peelers

Situated on the banks of South Africa’s 2,000 kilometre-long Orange River, Orex Export growers occupy some 2,000 hectares of ground where they produce grapes and citrus fruits for export. Much care is spent on cultivation in harmony with nature. The company also provides many jobs in the region. They help tackle unemployment and poverty in the area by exporting their carefully grown produce to the best markets in the world. The company was founded in 1997 by the Spangenberg and Nel families and. like us, it values the personal relationship between the producer, the buyer and the consumer.

Specialists in: Grapes, oranges, grapefruit and lemons

OTC Dominicana works shoulder-to-shoulder with enthusiastic organic growers in the Dominican Republic who want to bring their produce to the European market. Helping the growers evaluate business opportunities and providing technical assistance are the core activities of OTC Dominicana. The company also packs and exports avocados and lemons for the parent company, OTC Organics.

Specialists in: Avacados and lemons

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