Making the world grow through organic farming

Sustainability means caring for the balance between people, the environment and the economy so that we don’t exhaust the world’s resources and that we leave a habitable planet behind for future generations. It is really wonderful to be able to work for a company that specialises in buying and selling organic fruit and vegetables and work with our partners, growers and suppliers to contribute to a sustainable society. In the interests of our beautiful planet Earth and everyone who lives on it, we believe it is crucially important to use the environment and the available resources wisely. We believe that organic farming is the best way to produce sustainable food, protect the soil and combat climate change.

Sustainability is a continuous process within our organisation and our chain

By consciously working on sustainability, we make green choices:


We look at sustainable alternatives for every product we pack. For example, we have several types of recyclable cardboard packaging and our carry bags are made of paper instead of plastic. We also pack various products in a cellulose net that is 100% compostable. Because a good organic product deserves good, responsible packaging.

Responsible use of electricity

In our headquarters in Dronten, we work in a state-of-the-art, gas-free office building which has four electric charging stations. Our partners, growers, and suppliers also make responsible choices about their use of electricity and we regularly see solar panels appear on the rooftops and wind turbines in the fields.

Responsible use of food

What happens if a batch of vegetables or fruit is rejected despite all precautions, but it is still fit for human consumption? Then we will try to find a suitable use for this product. It could be a food bank, but it could also be a producer of juice and smoothies, for example, so that we waste as little food as possible.

There are also other ways in which we contribute to a more sustainable world. A large number of our employees work on a hybrid basis: office days alternate with home working days, increasing numbers of staff consciously decide to opt for an electric or hybrid car when leasing a car, we work digitally as much as possible (paper-free invoicing) and we use time switches on lighting and equipment. And, of course, there will be more to come.

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