Our partners

Our partners

We work closely with our partners within the Dole group and WeGrowOrganic. We strengthen each other by sharing knowledge, innovations and our networks.

Dole plc is an Irish-American producer of fruit and vegetables. The world’s largest producer, to be precise! The company headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland. The company has 38,500 employees in 90 countries who grow, harvest, transport and pack more than 300 different products. These include fresh fruit such as bananas and pineapples; various fresh products in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa; various fresh products in America and other parts of the world; and fresh vegetables. Dole also owns a shipping company with a fleet of 13 ships: Dole Ocean Cargo Express.

WeGrowOrganic was founded by two farmers from Zeewolde, Thijs Geerse en Wouter Snippe. Since 2001, they have been growing a wide range of wonderful organic produce with great enthusiasm. This produce absorbs extremely high levels of nutrients from the rich polder soil where it is grown. Thijs and Wouter transport their products to the consumer as carefully and as quickly as possible and keep the ‘field to fork’ chain as short as possible. They sort, process, pack and sell their products directly from their own farm through a wide European network of buyers.

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