About us

About us

Helping everyone grow through organic products. That is what we do!

We like short lines of communication, fair and open collaboration and certainty. Every day, we keep this in mind while we work on building a sustainable, socially aware production chain. Everyone knows their role and receives a fair return. That makes us unique.

Our Mission

To grow and supply sustainable, high-quality organic fruit and vegetables, with a clear conscience, and in close and committed cooperation with our professional organic growers.

Our Vision

OTC Organics aims to become the European leader in growing and distributing sustainable, organic fruit and vegetables. We see it as our responsibility to support our growers, suppliers and buyers in every possible way and to create a healthy chain in which all links are of equal importance. With integrity, commitment, transparency, passion and professionality, we aim to meet all the expectations of all involved.

Our Core Values

Five core values are central to OTC Organics: Organic integrity, Transparency, Commitment, Passion and Professionality. These values drive us in everything we do, both inside and outside the organisation. We’re always seeking the perfect balance in the chain, and we treat our growers, suppliers, buyers, partners and staff with respect.

Organic integrity

  • as organic specialists we feel responsible for our industry;
  • we make a contribution to social and economic development;
  • we work together with professional, reliable growers and suppliers;
  • we can guarantee that our products are 100% organic.


  • we treat each other with respect and encourage each other to constantly develop our skills;
  • we understand that “we” is more important than “me”;
  • we enjoy being financially aware and spending money wisely;
  • we are dedicated to helping our growers, suppliers and buyers to achieve success.


  • we value transparency in our business relationships;
  • we share our organic expertise in order to help others; 
  • we say what we are going to do and do what we promise.


  • we’re enthusiastic and passionate about everything we do;
  • we stand four square behind our working methods.


  • we are solution focused;
  • accuracy is key in our work & daily routine.

How can we help you?

Call us! Send us an e-mail! Or even better, pay us a visit!