Quality and traceability

Quality and traceability

The faultless traceability of our products gives retailers confidence and enables suppliers to work as optimally as possible

As a retailer, this assurance is important for you because organic fruit and vegetables must comply with many legal requirements. Because of the traceability of our products, we are able to respond quickly and take appropriate action in case of quality deviations, if necessary. This benefits both the retailer and the supplier. We ensure that of all the steps in the chain are traceable. This means that we can quickly and easily identify and resolve the cause of any incidents. Organic integrity is very important to us!

Checks give confidence

In addition to our closely-knit, reliable network, we hold certificates which help us guarantee the organic integrity and food safety of our products. We have a wide range of quality marks with which we can serve European retailers. From Krav to Fair Trade and from Global G.A.P. to Demeter.

Check, check, double check

The organisations behind these quality marks carry out spot checks on our products but we also stand four-square behind thorough quality controls and organic integrity. No single batch or container leaves our warehouse in Poeldijk without a double check: on entering and leaving.

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