Organic integrity

Organic integrity

100% organic

Retailers – and consumers – should be able to rely on several things when they are buying fruit and vegetables. The products should be safe. The quality should be good. And organic should really be organic.


We maintain close relationships through investing in personal contact


First and foremost, we foster close relationships with our suppliers. We know all of our growers and we visit them regularly. Our quality assurance procedures range from additional audits, certificate verification to laboratory analyses. This way, we know exactly how every company is run. That is very important! It is the best way for us to monitor, check and ensure that organic is really organic.

Knowing where every single grape comes from

We also know that organic is really organic because we can always and at all times check where our organic products come from. From grapes to oranges and from avocado to turmeric: we know our suppliers, we know when the products were harvested and we even know the precise location of the field where they were grown. We can always track where and when a product was grown.

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