Always fresh guarantee

OTC Organics supplies supermarket chains and organic supermarket chains, wholesalers and food-service companies throughout Europe. We provide our customers with a constant supply of high-quality organic fruit and vegetables. How can we guarantee this? Thanks to our proactive working methods, our extensive growers network and our unique working relationship with our strategic partners. It is also our ambition to continue to improve our proposition to the end customer together with fellow companies in the Dole-group and with our strategic partners in the chain. A ‘must’ in an ever-changing world. We also support our growers financially so that they are able to invest more in their unique form of sustainable farming.

Thanks to our strong relationship with our growers, partners and customers, we can really make a difference to the organic market

Of course, we don’t do this alone. As a subsidiary of the world’s largest producer of fruit and vegetables, we are part of a bigger picture. This provides us with a sense of security and confidence, as well as endless possibilities for making a difference in the growing organic market.

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