Whether you are looking for white, red or black grapes, OTC Organics can supply all your needs! Thanks to our extensive network of professional grape growers in South Africa, we are able to supply our buyers with several varieties of organic grapes, seeded or seedless, between December and March.

We have the following varieties in our extensive range:

Seeded Grapes:
Red globe (red grapes) and Dan Ben Hanna (black grapes).

Seedless red grapes:
Sunred, Crimson, Evans Delight, Flame, Desert Dawn, Sweet Celebration, Jack’s Salute and Allison.

Seedless white grapes:
Early Sweet, Prime, Sugraone, Thompson, Regal, Sundance, Arra fifiteen and Sweet Globe.

Seedless black grapes:
Autumn Royal, Midnight, Arra 14 and Melody.

Sustainable packaging options
We have several types of cardboard packaging for grapes which can easily be recycled after use. Our carry bags are now made of paper instead of plastic. Ask us about the possibilities!

Certification available for grapes:

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