We receive deliveries of fresh, bright yellow organic lemons all summer long, from May to October. Thanks to our close collaboration with our South-African lemon suppliers in the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape, as well as our suppliers in Chile, we receive weekly deliveries of fresh lemons in our warehouse in Poeldijk. We also have an on-site facility for sorting organic products and a lemon wash line.

Eureka and Lisbon
We supply the Eureka and Lisbon varieties. The Eureka lemon is an egg-shaped lemon with a bright yellow, smooth skin. The fruit flesh has a strong flavour and aroma. Lisbon lemons are average-sized citrus fruits with a slightly pointed end. The skin is dark yellow, the flesh is usually seedless, and they are juicy and aromatic. Both lemons have a fresh, tangy flavour and they are full of vitamin C.

Certification available for lemons:
Our South African growers also comply with international food safety and phytosanitary regulations.

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