Our organic mangoes come from Peru and we can deliver them ready to eat, if you wish. We supply the following varieties:

Kent / Keitt / Amelie Mangoes
Kent, Keitt and Amelie mangoes are similar to each other. The Kent mango is sweet and juicy, with stringless flesh. This mango has a small stone. The Keitt mango has firm, stringless flesh and tastes sweet. This mango has a small to medium-sized stone. The Amelie mango is deliciously sweet and has very soft, stringless flesh. This mango is very popular.

Tommy Atkins Mango
The Tommy Atkins Mango is very juicy and has creamy, stringless flesh with little fibre.

Ataulfo Mango
The Ataulfo mango is very creamy with stringless flesh and an intensely sweet flavour. This variety has a high percentage of edible flesh due to the small stone.

Certification available for mangoes:

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