Shall we meet in Madrid?

It’s been a while since we were in Madrid, but next week a delegation of OTC Organics will visit the Fruit Attraction again. Fruit Attraction is an in-person event which will be held from 4 to 6 October 2022.

Meet & Greet in Madrid
This year we don’t have our own booth, but we do have the opportunity to arrange a meet & greet with you or one of your colleagues at the booth of Eurobanan (Pavilion 10, Booth C01). You can schedule a meeting by sending an e-mail to with a requested meet date and time. Maybe we’ll see you there!


Spread joy and happiness

In 2018 OTC Organics started the ‘Kids Christmas Program’. Our goal is to organize an unforgettable Christmas party every year for the children of our growers. This year we’ve selected our avocado grower Zavocado located in Mexico. Artikel lesen

Change of address OTC Organics Warehouse

OTC Organics keeps on growing and that’s the reason why we are moving to a new warehouse elsewhere on the ABC Westland Business Park in Poeldijk, The Netherlands. Artikel lesen

Organic table grape season South Africa and Peru

The organic table grape season from South Africa and Peru is just a few weeks away from first harvest and shipments. Artikel lesen