OTC Organics works with growers in Latin America and Africa. Together with our growers, we maintain a grip on social integrity, quality and reliability of delivery. We carry out quality controls during the growing season, harvest, the packaging process and on delivery. This means that we can continuously monitor quality. We also work with growers in Spain so that we can supply European-grown organic avocados when they are in season.

We mainly supply dark Hass avocados. This avocado has a rich, creamy flavour. We can also supply the following varieties of green avocados: Bacon, Ettinger, Pinkerton and Fuerte.

Ripening avocados
By using a reputable ripening company, we can supply perfectly ripened ready-to-eat (triggered) avocados. Even if the avocados are for some reason difficult to ripen, we always manage to maintain the high quality of our avocados.

Certification available for avocados:

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