Throughout the years, OTC Organics has developed into a prominent player in the organic limes market. Thanks to our wide number of sources, we can deliver a continuous supply throughout the year. We source our limes in Colombia and Brazil.

Project in Colombia
Since 2017, OTC Organics has had an exclusive partnership with a Colombian cooperative and exporter of Tahiti limes based in the Nariño province. In 2017, the first 25 of these growers obtained their organic certificates (96.5 hectares). Since then, more than 60 growers have received their certificates and the Along with local agronomists employed by OTC Organics, we ensure efficient crop management and the highest possible organic integrity.

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Project in Brazil
Brazil is our second source of organic limes. If the supply from Colombia comes under pressure due to climate change, logistic or other problems, we can use the limes from Brazil as an alternative and important source.

Tahiti limes
Tahiti limes have an intensely green colour and firm skin due to the favourable micro-climate. The fruit flesh and skin of these organic limes adds a fresh flavour to food and drinks.

Certification available for limes:

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