Edward Out has joined the board of Fresh Produce Centre

Edward Out has joined the board of Fresh Produce Centre

Fresh Produce Centre (GroentenFruit Huis in Dutch) promotes the interests of companies in the Netherlands that are active in the sales of fruit and vegetables. Besides that it is also a source of knowledge and inspiration. Fresh Produce Centre has around 320 members all specialised in the domestic wholesale, import, export, treatment, processing, packaging, storage and transshipment of fruit and vegetables. Edward Out, Managing Director of OTC Organics, has recently joined the board of Fresh Produce Center.

What made you decide to join the board of Fresh Produce Center?

Edward: “Fresh Produce Centre is of great importance to the fruit and vegetable sector in the Netherlands. It also plays an important role in European dossiers in our rapidly changing world. This importance was leading for me to respond positively to the question to fulfill a board position. My expectation is that I will be able to focus on import and organic related issues in addition to general matters.”

“An association cannot exist without active members and therefore I hope to contribute in this way. In this very challenging and dynamic world, I think it is extra important to actively promote the interests of our sector and to work together with all members of the Fresh Produce Center for the future. After all, together we stand strong!”

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